TORNADO Oil-Teq 5 Kevlar Gloves Cut Level 5 - Large Size 9 Oil and liquid repellent


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EN388:2016 - 4X43D

Oil-Teq 5 is the glove of choice for engineering, automotive industries and the oil and gas sector. It’s the sensible option for any operation where grease and liquid coexist with sharp objects or jagged edges.

This is the new and improved Oil-Teq 5 glove!

We’ve made some major improvements to our existing Oil-Teq range by looking closely at the coating, the yarn and the construction.

After several months of experimentation, it’s been possible to improve the formula and create a softer, more supple two-layer bi-polymer coating. This new formulation makes the glove far more flexible which vastly increases dexterity and comfort. Wet grip is also considerably maximised with no detriment to the gloves’ oil and water repellent qualities.

Increased flexibility in the coating is matched by increased elasticity in the yarn. We’ve developed a yarn that will expand and contract to a greater extent to allow the knitted fabric of the glove to become far more elastic. This new elasticity is intensified in the cuff where new construction allows even more stretch. The result is a huge improvement in the comfort of the glove, hand agility, general fit and the way the glove feels when you’re wearing it.

We’ve also added Sharp Shield Technology, our unique ballistic reinforcement between thumb and forefinger. This is a critical area where reliable protection is essential; Sharp Shield forms an integral part of the gloves’ construction and cannot become detached through wear.

When comparing the new Oil-Teq 5 with its predecessor, you will notice that the fully coated option and the ¾ coated option have been superseded by just one glove.

We commissioned a research project to monitor use of both the original gloves in industry sectors where they're most commonly used. It became apparent that a breathable section at the back of the hand was more desirable than a fully coated glove. The new glove includes a breathable section, slightly less than the original ¾ coated glove yet far more than the fully coated option. Hence we’ve created a hybrid of the two original gloves to achieve the best of both worlds!

Features & Benefits:

Superior cut resistance
Oil and liquid repellent
Sharp Shield ballistic thumb / forefinger reinforcement
Maximum abrasion resistance
Excellent comfort and dexterity

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