Esprit 12v UV LED Lamp

Brand: Esprit

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Product Code: WRES61B

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Product Info

After an extended period designing and field testing, a new Esprit ultra-fast LED lamp has been launched that cures a repair in 75 seconds.

Apart from the case, which has been retained to enable existing Esprit systems to easily upgrade, the rest of the LED lamp is 100% new. It is fitted with twelve high power commercial 365nm LED units.

  • The lamp will cure the resin deep in the repair in 75 seconds. Cutting down repair time dramatically.
  • The lamp will automatically switch off after 75 seconds when the repair is fully cured.
  • It will also cure every type of repair not just chip repairs but crack repairs as well.
  • It will also cure the pit fill harder giving an even better finish after polishing.
  • Curing power will never reduce with use or age.
  • There will never again be any need to replace UV tubes (which lose power after 12 months).
  • No warm up time – starts to cure immediately.


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