Milwaukee Authorised Distributor Announcement

20 February 2024

Milwaukee Authorised Distributor Announcement

From 1st February 2024 the extended guarantee for MILWAUKEE® power tool(s), outdoor power equipment and REDLITHIUM™ batteries will only be granted if the product is new and purchased via an Authorised MILWAUKEE® Distributor.

Rights already established before 1st February 2024 shall remain unaffected.

Since the turn of 2024, Milwaukee have put actions into place to ensure they remain a true professional brand. In order to do this, they are only focusing on supplying the professional via a Milwaukee authorised distributor.

What this means for you:

To get the full extended warranty, you can only purchase from a Milwaukee authorised distributor. Make sure the seller has the new logo identifying them as an authorised distributor.

Third Party selling sites including Amazon, Ebay and Mano Mano will be excluded from the full extended warranty.
Global Products & Tools have worked hard working with Milwaukee to seal the distributorship agreement for our customers to secure the extended warranty on all the Milwaukee products we sell.
Global Products do not sell on any other website or through a 3rd party.

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