TOYO TC-20 Straight 'Dry Wheel' Glass Supercutter

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Toyo TC-20 Straight "dry wheel" Supercutter

TOYO is considered to be one of the world's best manufacturers of glass cutters used in the professional industries.

Glass Thickness: 4-6mm

Features interchangeable heads mounted on a heavy brass collar. The tungsten wheel is very hard and precision formed through electro-discharge, making it 40% more durable than most.
The swivel head and comfortable black grain resin moulded handle make for easy control and a positive grip. The cutting wheel angle is ideal for cutting thin glass with a hone angle of 140 degrees. It is engineered for those who prefer cutting without oil. The blade has proven to be extremely durable with a long life expectancy.

Note: "dry wheel" refers to none self-oiling features. Global strongly suggests the use of cutting oil with all glass cutters.

Made In Japan

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