Frost Fighter 2000 Heated Rear Window Tab Repair Bonding Kit

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Product Info

  • Reattach separated tabs on heated rear windows. Defroster tabs are located along the sides of the heated rear screens and frequently become separated from the hotline. A separated tab means complete defroster failure..
  • Fortunately this is an easy defroster repair you can do yourself and save the high cost of glass replacement..
  • Frost Fighter Defroster Tab Bonding adhesive is over 80% silver. This high silver content is needed for highly conductive tab bonding required in defroster repair..
  • The highly conductive two part adhesive cures quickly, bonds aggressively and makes the electrical and structural connection to the defroster in one simple operation..
  • The system was engineered & designed specifically for tab bonding. The system is easy to use, bond aggressively to glass and defroster coatings and make the highly conductive bonds needed for high amperage defroster tab repairs..

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