4 In 1 Fuse Tester & Fuse Removal Tool

4 In 1 Fuse Tester & Fuse Removal Tool

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4 in one automotive fuse tester and remover.
The adjustable pins allows it to be used on Mini, Standard and Maxi automotive fuses.

This handy automotive fuse tester quickly and conveniently checks for blown fuses.
The adjustable pins allow it to be used on most automotive fuses. If the fuse is ‘good’ the LED illuminates. If the fuse needs replacing then the reverse of the tester is used to unclip and remove the fuse.

Maximum Voltageļ¼š24V DC
Sealed Battery included.
Material: metal - brass with nickel plating, plastic- POM
Ideal for the glove box or tool box.
Tested before dispatch

WARNING: DO NOT test electrical fuses in the fuse panel

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