Ultrapose-Evolution Motorised 1 Man Lifting/Setting System

Brand: V.B.S.A.

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Product Info

Designed and manufactured in France by VBSA, the Ultrapose-évolution is the perfect motorised 1 Man lifting system designed to combat the latest generation of larger and heavier windscreens that are being introduced into the vehicle market.
The combined weight of the system is only 36kgs making it easy for the technicians to handle and to be carried inside their mobile vehicles. Separated, the heaviest piece weighs 24kgs.

Using 2 arms, the system also converts into a trestle.
The main upright cylinder becomes telescopic by use of a 2 speed remote control key fob (slow and fast).
The top arm is used for both lifting and setting the windscreen, whereas the removeable arm & cradle secures the glass in place with suction cups.

The Multi-function system allows both the lifting out the old windscreen and setting of the new windscreen on commercial cars, SUV's & vans by a single technician.

The system is certificated to lift 50kgs.

The technician controls and operates the system by remote control and does not need to carry the windscreen or support any weight during the process.

The Ultrapose-évolution is ideal for panoramic roofs.

Designed perfectly for the windscreen industry to prevent repetitive strain injuries,
the Ultrapose-évolution is a complete workplace as the trestle is intergrated within the concept allowing the system to work as a windscreen trestle.
Thanks to its rotating lower arm (360° swivelling), the glass can be manipulated in a manner to be able to apply the primer and windscreen urethane bead without the need to use any additional trestle.

1 Year Warranty


Technical Info

  • Minimum Height of the Mast/Leg: 164 cm
  • Maximim Height of the Mast/Leg: 253 cm
  • Fixed arm length: 150cm
  • Length of the mobile arm with suction cup: 129cm
  • Width of the base with castor: 44.5 cm
  • Length of the base with castors (casters included): 71cm
  • Total Weight: 36kgs​


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